Larceny Crimes in Virginia

Larceny is defined in Virginia as the wrongful or fraudulent taking of personal goods of some intrinsic value, belonging to another, without his assent, and with the intention to deprive the owner thereof permanently.  The most commonly used statutes dealing with larceny are 18.2-111 (Embezzlement), 18.2-95 (Grand Larceny), 18.2-178 (Obtaining by False Pretenses), 18.2-96 (Petit Larceny), and 18.2-103 (Shoplifting).  These charges are by no way the only larceny charges, but the ones seen regularly in court.  Larceny charges can be both misdemeanors and felonies, with the determination of the level of punishment usually based on the value or identity of the item stolen.  Any crime is serious, but larceny charges have a stigma, which can hurt you for the rest of your life.   If you are charged with a crime you need to contact an attorney with the experience to help you


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