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At Jurach, Tacey, & Quitiquit, a lot of our job is representing people and families through the problems and consequences of traffic and criminal matters.  With our location and the jurisdictions we serve, we regularly get to help military personnel on cases from reckless driving to more serious criminal matters.  Being able to help and give back to our service members is a great honor for all of us here at The JQ Law Firm.  One of the original ways we decided to give back was to offer a 20% discount to any current or former military, first responders, and law enforcement.

We were recently discussing other ways to give back.  After some discussion, Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing came up as a great opportunity to combine our passion for giving back to military families with a hobby that each of our attorneys enjoy.  Adam, Brian, and Tony all enjoy spending time outdoors, and specifically taking time to fish.  We all were excited and interested in learning more about Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing.  After doing our research, we knew it was the perfect fit, and something we had to get behind.  Below is a description of Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing from their website:

Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) is a 501c(3) non-profit organization incorporated in Maryland that is dedicated to the physical and emotional rehabilitation of injured and disabled military service personnel and disabled veterans through fly fishing and associated activities including education and outings. With over 200 Programs nationwide, the programs provides basic fly fishing, fly casting, fly tying and rod building classes, along with clinics participants ranging from beginners who have never fished before, to those with prior fly fishing and tying experience who are adapting their skills to their new abilities. All fly fishing and tying equipment is provided to the participants at no cost. Fishing trips, both one day, and multi-day are also provided free of charge to participants. It is much more than a one-time fishing trip. Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing (PHWFF) began in 2005 serving wounded military service members at Walter Reed Army Medical Center returning from combat in Iraq and Afghanistan. Since then, PHWFF has expanded nationwide, establishing its highly successful program in Department of Defense hospitals, Warrior Transition Units, and Veterans Affairs Medical Centers and clinics..PHWFF is unique in that our volunteers are teaching classes on an on-going, long-term basis. It is much more than a one-day fishing trip. For many participants, particularly disabled veterans, the socialization, and camaraderie of the classes are just as important as the fishing outings and provide them a new activity.

The Firm was able to be one of the sponsors at the Mossy Creek Invitational (MCI) held in Bridgewater, Virginia.  The MCI has been going on since 2008, and is graciously hosted each year by Robin and Bob Fitch and is one of PHWFFs premier fundraising events while also serving as a fun fly fishing competition. PHWFF veteran participants are able to get on the water for a day of memorable angling on Virginia’s famed Mossy Creek.

Construction Fraud Charges Dismissed in Circuit Court

One of our lawyers had a unique Circuit Court trial victory in Henrico County.  Our client was facing criminal charges in Henrico County.  The client was charged with Construction Fraud in violation of § 18.2-200.1.  The client and attorney had met numerous times to prepare for trial and defense.  They worked together and were able to get related charges dismissed.  After discussing potential offers made by the Commonwealth, our client and the attorney decided the best action would be to go to trial.  Trial is never a certain thing and there was certainly a great amount of risk involved, our client was facing a Felony conviction and up to 20 years in prison.  The Commonwealth’s Attorney handling the case put on a very strong case in support of their position.  We put on evidence in support of our defense.

After hearing closing arguments the Court found our client guilty…  But, that was not the end of the trial.

Our attorney asked orally for a motion to reconsider the evidence.  After spirited argument from our attorney the Court changed its position, and found there was not proof beyond a reasonable doubt.  Our client was found not guilty.

Adam Jurach, Brian Tacey, and Tony Quitiquit regularly handle criminal cases across Virginia in HenricoHanoverChesterfieldRichmond, and the surrounding jurisdictions.  If you have been charged with a crime contact one of the lawyers at Jurach, Tacey & Quitiquit.

“Case results depend upon a variety of factors unique to each case. Case results do not guarantee or predict a similar result in any future case.”

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College Age Crime

College Age Crimes


A criminal record for your son or daughter in college can have a very serious impact on the rest of their lives.  A conviction could lead to suspension or expulsion, disqualification from loans or grants, long-term employment, and so much more. That is why retaining one of the lawyers at Jurach, Tacey, & Quitiquit is important.  Let our lawyers experience help your son or daughter.

Our lawyers have prosecuted and defended the crimes that you often see college students charged with including alcohol charges, drug charges, assaults, larcenies, reckless driving tickets, and DUI’s.  Our lawyers regularly represent students from the University of Richmond, Randolph-Macon, and VCU.  We have helped students from all over the Commonwealth of Virginia, and look forward to helping your son or daughter navigate the legal system.


Adam Jurach, Brian Tacey, and Tony Quitiquit regularly handle misdemeanor and felony cases across Virginia in HenricoHanoverChesterfieldRichmond, and the surrounding jurisdictions.  If you or one of your children have been charged with a crime contact one of the lawyers at Jurach, Tacey & Quitiquit.

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