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Reckless Driving Charge Reduced

A client of Jurach, Tacey & Quitiquit was charged with Reckless Driving in violation of §46.2-862, in Greensville County.    Our client had a security clearance, and conviction of Reckless Driving could have resulted in potential lost employment, license revocation and jail sentence.   The attorney got personal information from the client to provide to the judge.…

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Larceny Crimes in Virginia

Larceny is defined in Virginia as the wrongful or fraudulent taking of personal goods of some intrinsic value, belonging to another, without his assent, and with the intention to deprive the owner thereof permanently.  The most commonly used statutes dealing with larceny are 18.2-111 (Embezzlement), 18.2-95 (Grand Larceny), 18.2-178 (Obtaining by False Pretenses), 18.2-96 (Petit Larceny), and 18.2-103…

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