The Police Didn’t Read Me My Miranda Rights

One of the things we hear the most, especially in traffic cases is, “the police didn’t read me my Miranda rights”. The Miranda decision held statements in response to interrogation of a defendant in police custody will be admissible at trial only if the prosecution can show the defendant was informed of the right speak with an attorney and of the right against self-incrimination before police questioning. Additionally, the Miranda decision held the prosecution must show the defendant not only understood these rights, but voluntarily waived them.

The Miranda protections only apply when you are in “custody” and being “interrogated”. Determining these factors may not be as easy as you think. If this is an issue in your case you should consult a lawyer. Call a lawyer at Jurach & Quitiquit (804)728-2274 today for a free consultation.

The content of this Blog/Web Site does not constitute legal advice. Because legal advice must be tailored to the specific circumstances of each case and laws are constantly changing, you should seek the assistance of licensed and competent legal counsel for specific legal advice.

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